The Call of the Open Sidewalk

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The Call of the Open Sidewalk

About this Website

I once did some blogging. It turned out that blogging was not really appropriate as most of what I wrote was not specifically about current topics and blogging is mostly about that. Changes were very awkward. Hence the wiki format. As this is a wiki I can and will update any article at any time. As a kind of intellectual honesty I have left the normal wiki change tracking enabled to allow access to older versions and the associated changes. Since a wiki can be subject to continuous modification, the current date in brackets will follow text that refers to intervals of time, usually just the current year.


RSS feeds have been provided per topic. A feed that tracks changes for the entire site can be found here.

About the Author

I am a moderately nerdy guy named Bruce Walzer. I have been extremely nerdy in the past. I might for all I know become more nerdy again in the future.

It is very possible that I am now retired. Before my “retirement” I mostly did electronic repair. As a part of an overly elaborate mid-life crisis I went back to school and got a degree in Electrical Engineering. I then spent a decade on and off impersonating various sorts of engineers.

I live in the semi-exotic city of Winnipeg which is located in Canada.

Corrections and comments will be gracefully accepted through email. First type “articles” then a “@” and then “”. My email address will then be revealed to you. My PGP FAN identity is here.

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